A charity supporting spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions

For more information please visit our new website www.standingstarttrust.co.uk

Standing Start Trust promotes the rehabilitation and mental wellbeing of individuals with spinal cord injuries or other neurological disorders principally through the provision of grants and support for research.

Standing Start was established in 2008 with the charitable arm created in 2010. Standing Start provided the first exercise based rehabilitation programme in the UK working with over 150 clients since its inception. The provision of this ground breaking programme is now provided under neurokinex based at the new facility in Watford.

What does Standing Start Trust do ?

  • we provide grants to research bodies principally in the areas of exercise and wellbeing
  • we provide grants to individuals to help them start on the progrmmmes that organisations such as neurokinex can provide

What can you do for Standing Start Trust ?
  • help us to raise the vital cash to allow us to support individuals and organisations